NDP propping up corrupt Liberal government

Cycle of governance has seen parliamentary oversight stifled with the aid of the NDP.

NDP propping up corrupt Liberal government

Where is Canada’s party of conscience?

It must be nice for the most corrupt government Canada has likely ever had to have the support of the national NDP.

Although I have never voted NDP, I have until the last couple of elections felt the NDP played a vital role as Canada’s third party and as the conscience of the country. At one time the NDP’s persuasive concern for those less fortunate in our country would alter or dissuade the ruling parties to change legislation or address societal concerns. The NDP also gave people who felt disconnected from the Liberal-Conservative political dynamic in our country a quality place for their votes.

This particular cycle of governance has seen parliamentary oversight stifled with the aid of the NDP. Opposition days and private member bills, until very recently were ended (for all intents and purposes much of parliamentary function was shut down). I cannot help but think that proper parliamentary function would have led to better quality programs that would have helped more people for much less money; many businesses are now in failure mode because of the poor quality programs that were offered in a very untimely manner.

The Liberal government, with a long list of ethical breaches, conflict of interest accusations, judicial interferences and fiscal irresponsibility continues to be held up by an NDP opposition. With the intermittent help of their NDP allies they have been able to filibuster and avoid accountability in parliamentary committees. Lately, the Liberal government has been using the pandemic spending as a means of rewarding those who have helped them be elected or those who are insiders and rewarding Liberal voting demographics. The amounts of taxpayer money being spent is mind-boggling and should be a concern to all (without question; however, deficit spending has been necessary during the pandemic). Four hundred billion dollars of largely unaccounted spending is a lot of money for future taxpayers to be on the hook for (the prime minister’s quip about the government accruing debt so you don’t have to is ridiculous word smithing — we all pay for the national debt). Perhaps the NDP should be holding the Liberals to real accountability, ensuring taxpayer money is well spent and not lining Liberal pockets or buying votes instead of abetting the Liberal scandal machine.

I’d like to think Canadians are well aware of the corruption, scandal, ethical/moral lapses and general arrogance that our current Liberal government expresses. I hope that the conscience of Canada isn’t losing its important place of trust in our country…

Martin Barker

North Cowichan