NDP will cripple the province

Over the next couple years we will see Horgan tax the working class with rates never seen in Canada

NDP will cripple the province

Re: Piper Cote’s comment about “Lack of Conservative candidates encouraging” means only thing, she is a zero liability Voter! Anyone who believes not having some kind of financial responsibility within the government must be one of those living off the taxpayer!

B.C. has voted in a socialist majority that is going to do nothing but cripple this province for generations to come; if you need any proof of this just look east to Alberta and Ontario and what the NDP did there. Funny how anyone who thinks socialism is some kind of utopia has never spent time in a socialist country and if it is so good why are there millions of these people trying to escape to capitalist countries?

Over the next couple of years we will see Horgan tax the working class with rates never seen in Canada in the past just to be able to hang onto his zero liability voting block. Gas in the Valley is now $1.16 on the average; standby for huge carbon tax increases. Vancouver is already talking about road tax which is a major socialist agenda as well. For proof of this look at Norway where I have friends that pay over $500 per month on road tax on top of insurance and the price of fuel; if you commute to Victoria daily do you think you could afford an extra $6,000 a year plus $2 a litre for gas?

Natural gas is one of the best ways to heat your home but they want to get rid of that as well. We have people always complaining about the smoke from wood heat so I guess they think we can just plug into a tree for power and heat!

The federal PBO stated a few weeks back that the government would have to add up to another $239 per tone in carbon taxes to meet the Paris target by 2030; just think what that would do to the price of fuel, food etc.?

Time for people like Piper to give their heads a shake and put some skin in the game and stop relying on government handouts. Remember socialism is for the people not the socialist!

B.W. Lowe