No ‘hateful rant’, just facts

If there is “hatefulness” in Lowe’s letter it is towards the dealers

No ‘hateful rant’, just facts

No ‘hateful rant’, just facts

What is Joe Solanto suggesting, that the Cowichan Valley Citizen be more like the Russian Pravda? (Paper should screen out hateful rants) He refers to a recent letter written by B.W. Lowe. (Safe drug supply will be dangerous)

I read Lowe’s letter and as far as I am concerned he is spot on. Those “hateful rants” Solanto makes reference to are simply facts, and the “tone” of Lowe’s letter reflects the disgust that I will bet the vast majority of Canadians are feeling with our tax dollar being thrown down yet another useless hole of handouts to the druggies.

If there is “hatefulness” in Lowe’s letter it is towards the dealers, and pray tell, why in hell shouldn’t there be, considering the destruction their “product” is causing? The recent death of a young Indigenous 14-year-old is a hell of a good example.

I will also bet that Solanto is in the minority on this issue and personally I’m sick and tired of the bleeding hearts that want more and more and more government money to rectify a problem that has proven to be unfixable. It’s time to take a brand new approach and that approach should be forced institutionalization until such time as their addiction is corrected and then released.

In the meantime I hope the editor of the Citizen continues to publish letters that speak out on this subject, even if it offends the bleeding hearts.

John Walker

Cobble Hill