Obvious solution is to widen Drinkwater

Re: “Speed bumps coming to slow down Drinkwater”, (Citizen, Dec. 14)

Re: “Speed bumps coming to slow down Drinkwater”, (Citizen, Dec. 14)

I drive this roadway, not a lot; but the obvious thing to do would be to widen the road between the roundabout and the intersection west of it (stop at the island paving end).

It needs maintenance anyways; re-direction would put traffic past the school, which they don’t need and extra traffic on Trunk Road, and through part of the downtown area, too.

Two roundabouts were installed by you to speed up traffic and cause a lesser number of problems, yes? If you want an example of traffic engineering run amok, look to Victoria, and Saanich etc. Some of the stupidity there is mind boggling.

To each his own, I guess, but more traffic in the school zone there is a more immediate concern than a cycling/walking path, put warning signs ahead of the roadway on the path. Sometimes giving in to the little groups of complainers can cause more problems (which I’m sure you have investigated thoroughly. Oh, I giggle when I think that, “sorry”).



Don Richardson

Shawnigan Lake