Opponents have resorted to innuendo

Having witnessed this process for the last two years I can no longer remain silent

Having witnessed this process for the last two years I can no longer remain silent as it has devolved into a small group of people resorting to innuendo and “rumours” to disrupt the process for a temporary use permit applied for by the organizers.

My son Kelly [Black], the spokesman for the group, has been erroneously and viciously called a liar at a public meeting by a member of this small group and now they are trying their scare tactics on the rest of the citizens of the valley.

A dog died from the loud music. No facts just innuendo. An “illegitimate” baby was rumoured to be born at the 2015 festival. Even though this never happened, what is their definition of “illegitimate “?

The current rules for a TUP were put in place in the last two years and the organizers have gone above and beyond to abide by them. Director Nicholson says that the people did not understand them. Really! I would suggest that the director abide by the current process and spend the next three years coming up with a new process that she will have the time to explain to her constituents and will represent the views of the majority of the people of her area and the Cowichan Valley and until then follow the process in place and represent the majority of people, not the vocal minority.

I would urge the directors when voting on this permit to look at it objectively and represent the majority of us who support this well-organized event.

I believe that the comment “spawn of Satan” was plagiarized from when Elvis Presley first hit the music scene and someone might want to look into that.


Jim Black

Shawnigan Lake