Robert Barron column: Distracted drivers can cause great harm

Statistics also indicate that one in four fatal crashes in B.C. are caused by distracted drivers

Andrea Rondeau column: New Citizen column will help you get bitten by gardening bug

Our Wednesday edition the Citizen boasted a gardening column for the first time.

Sarah Simpson Column: An Easter lesson from Pete the Cat

Leading up to Easter, my daughter kept pulling out the various bunny-themed…

Celebration for opening of IWA annex at Lake Cowichan museum
Holiday weekend talent show packs 'em in at Lake Cowichan
Heritage Days truck parade at Lake Cowichan
Bike parade fun at Lake Cowichan Heritage Days

T.W. Paterson column: Are heritage trees finally coming into their own?

Arbutus was “a significant fixture of the community and the residents have grown up with it.”

  • Apr 27, 2019

Dangers of surveillance capitalism

She compares the industrial revolution with our digital one

  • Apr 26, 2019

Editorial: Put the phone away — just try it

Have you ever been at a restaurant with someone who won’t stop looking at their phone?

  • Apr 26, 2019

Rock on Completely Creedence

The songs were all done with the amazing likeness of the original tunes

  • Apr 25, 2019

Facts about cooking oil fuel are pretty slippery

Saying it is a clean energy alternative with a tiny carbon footprint is not true.

  • Apr 25, 2019

Alcohol service on ferries outrageous

Two taxpayer-owned corporations doing the opposite to each other is just plain Mickey Mouse.

  • Apr 25, 2019

A useless kindness: a woman’s high-heel shoes

A useless kindness is not going to solve the related crises of mass migrations and climate change.

  • Apr 25, 2019

Mary Lowther column: Control your own food supply: grow out some seeds

I used to buy garlic bulbs, but now I’ve grown some out long enough to flower and produce bulbils

  • Apr 25, 2019

Editorial: Tree protection bylaw for North Cowichan overdue

One of the things that the most desirable neighbourhoods often share in various communities is trees

  • Apr 24, 2019

The totalitarian tiptoe of corporate fascism?

It’s not complacency, it’s distrust of big pharma!

  • Apr 23, 2019

Families struggling with toxic Duncan environment

Forty thousands needles picked up.

  • Apr 23, 2019

Film ‘The Bentley Effect’ was an inspiration

It is heartwarming to see what can be done by ordinary people who care for our planet.

  • Apr 23, 2019

Plug in hybrids better choice than electric vehicles

Plug-in-hybrids have none of these problems and still save fuel, 80 per cent.

  • Apr 22, 2019

Electric cars are the future, starting now

Much misinformation continues to be written about electric cars (EVs).

  • Apr 22, 2019

Time to ban shooting in residential Sahtlam

It is dangerous and disturbing to animals and people.

  • Apr 22, 2019

Gas prices pay stockholders, period

We as a society must get real and face the cold hard facts.

  • Apr 22, 2019

Drivesmart column: Liability: pedestrians and drivers turning left

Alexander Zacher was walking to work early on the morning of Oct. 31, 2014 in Tsawwassen.

  • Apr 21, 2019