Parents must shape up or be shipped out

We wonder where kids could possibly have learned bullying and bad behaviour.

Then we hear about the hockey parents who are behaving so poorly at games that the Vancouver Island Amateur Hockey Association is actually considering the last resort of banning spectators from some games.

Sadly, a few really bad eggs are threatening to ruin it for everyone.

One incident is being investigated where Island parents were apparently drunk when they got off the bus at an away tournament, and one mom allegedly took off her bra in the stands and swung it around her head to encourage the team.

Yikes. Who would want to be that mom’s kid? Complete humiliation.

But worse are the incidents where parents have threatened young players, officials and even other parents.

What kind of lesson are you teaching the bevy of kids around you, including your own, when you threaten someone who is decades your junior and considerably smaller than you are.

Is this not the epitome of bullying?

They’re having trouble getting officials to even continue to participate due to the appalling behaviour directed towards them.

We understand that often these officials are very young themselves – teens at best.

We don’t blame them for being disillusioned and hitting the road.

Anyone would be frightened. These people obviously can’t properly control themselves.

Kids shouldn’t be subjected to having to face down out-ofcontrol adults. We’re not talking jovial trash talking (which should really be saved for when you’re watching the guys with the broad shoulders and big paycheques in the NHL, not when your 11-year-old’s team is playing). We’re talking full-on shouting, expletives and, in extreme cases, even threats.

Wasn’t this whole thing supposed to be fun?

Wasn’t it supposed to be about a group of kids strapping on some gear and dreaming of being the next Wayne Gretzky or Sidney Crosby?

Time for a reality check.