People like fresh air and wood stoves

There aren't many residents of the Cowichan Valley who don't like fresh air.

There aren’t many residents of the Cowichan Valley who don’t like fresh air.

There are also many of these same people in the Cowichan Valley that like wood heating. For a lot of low income people, including retirees, wood stoves are the cheapest and most efficient way of heating their homes. Hydro, oil and natural gas are all very expensive. To have some upstart group of naysayers get on their soapboxes and nix all the longtime residents who heat with wood is hard to swallow.

Also North Cowichan council urging the Cowichan Valley Regional District to review smoke sources (wood stoves and bonfires) in unregulated electoral areas makes no sense at all. People live in rural areas for a reason. Partly to get away from all the rules and regulations but mainly because they like the quiet country style of life, including having bonfires and wood stoves.

Hopefully in the case of the Fresh Air Cowichan Team case the squeaky wheel doesn’t get the grease.

M. Lambert