People need to know the truth about LNG

People do need to know that the LNG industry has one of the safest records worldwide.

Re: “People need to know about LNG plans”, (Citizen, June 10).

Ken Olive’s comment “People need to know about LNG plans” is correct. People do need to know that the LNG industry has one of the safest records worldwide. Since 1964 there has been almost one million loads travelling over 100 million miles without incident. There are over 40 running plants with over 150 ports with next to no direct LNG incidents.

It sounds like Ken has never worked in the industry. I admit I have not worked in the LNG industry, but have contracted and subcontracted to gas and oil projects. Safety is No. 1 with every energy company in this country. Before you set foot on site, you must pass orientation and produce certifications pertaining to your job. HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) department is on site and follows provincial and federal regulations. One hundred per cent attendance to daily safety and tailgate meetings are documented. First thing said every morning is, “You are obligated to refuse unsafe work”. This means the employees cannot be fired for refusing to work in an unsafe situation.

It is not in the interest of any energy company in Canada to produce shoddy product or workmanship. They would lose money in downtime and be fined by both federal and provincial governments. It is the highest regulated industry in Canada if not the world.

LNG has been around for over 60 years. Volumes of environment research has been conducted, including marine. These long term projects are in the billions of private sector dollars, (not taxes). They are not looked at lightly.

There are radical environmentalists that have no experience in the industry spreading doomsday scenarios. I suspect some are being paid by American entities. Presently there are five LNG plants being built in the U.S., three on the west coast. Australia is building three and Malaysia three. I’m sure the U.S. would be pleased to take up any slack from our protested sites.

The Malahat First Nation band will benefit the most from this project. Their average income will increase and lifestyle will improve for generations. Education in the trades will benefit with increased demand. B.C. will benefit with taxes and northern B.C. gas being used for the process.

These facts presented can be easily verified.


Yolanda Hailey