Please send our cat home, we love him too

Duncan – I am writing a happy letter with a thank you attached.


Three years go I adopted a cat for my daughter’s birthday and on Nov. 19, 2013 our cat just disappeared. We were devastated and extremely broken hearted.


My daughter’s birthday came Nov. 26 – no Natcho. Christmas arrived – her letter to Santa wished for her cat to come home. The weather worsened and my worries and our tears grew bigger.


Then on Jan. 13, 2014, I was taking out the garbage and there stood our Natcho Man.


I picked him up gave him the biggest hug and thought "oh my, he is much heavier". He looked so healthy, not a mat or twig on him. Someone took very good care of him through these winter months and we thank you with all our hearts.


He spent the last two days with us and has left again. To the other family, please contact me if he has arrived at your place again. I know you have taken very good care of him but we love and miss him so very much.


Kim (and Alissa) Textor