Plenty of local gifts for everyone on the list

And there are always a few who enjoy the adrenaline rush of waiting until the last possible minute.

The final panic hasn’t quite set in yet.

And there are always a few who enjoy the adrenaline rush of waiting until the last possible minute.

We all know that one person who waits, on purpose, until Christmas Eve, then heads out with a full list of still-unbought gifts and binges in a time-is-running-out fuelled frenzy to stuff the stockings.

They seem to find the whole thing fun — sort of like bungee jumping or skydiving.

There has to be a hint of danger involved or it’s just not Christmas shopping.

On the other end of the spectrum, for some, thoughts have already turned to wrapping.

And there’s always the few who not only have this year’s gifts wrapped and waiting majestically under the tree, but also have 2017’s haul squirrelled away somewhere.

But for many, those perfect Christmas gifts are still waiting to be bought, with that two-week shopping sweet spot just dawning.

Fortunately, Cowichan Valley residents don’t have to go far to pick up that special something.

Large or small, local Cowichan shops are the place to get what you’re looking for.

For some there’s been a Christmas tradition of heading out of town to pick up your Christmas shopping.

But there are reasons beyond the snow-slicked roads to consider doing most of your gift-choosing closer to home.

We’ve got variety, quality and the chance to support our friends, neighbours and larger community all right here.

There’s big box, of course, with all the latest must-haves.

But there are also the charming and beautifully decorated stores in downtown Duncan and Chemainus that have plenty of one-of-a-kind ideas for everyone from the kids on the list to seniors.

Toys, clothes, artwork, tableware, bed and bath — you can find it right here.

Artisan food products abound, from cheese to olive oil and balsamic vinegars.

Cowichan Valley is becoming renowned for it’s wine, beer and spirits, all locally made, largely from locally grown foodstuffs.

There are also experiences you can purchase for those who don’t need or want any more material goods.

And the money you spend in the community will likely stay here, growing our local economy.

The local business owners and employees of those businesses recirculate those profits, to everyone’s benefit.

So consider Cowichan — you won’t be disappointed.