Rail renewal flogging dead horse

When will we finally stop flogging a dead horse?

As a working person, on this Island helping to keep the economy going with my taxes, I have no interest whatsoever to pay additional taxes to bring back tourist rail service.

That money has to come from somewhere – you and me! And it won’t be $20 million, that would hardly get some half dead rolling stock back to the Island.

It would take what the ministry of transportation assessment determined and more: Think $250 million! If that is what you would tell people before doing a survey you can be sure your rating for returning rail would not be 78%, just ask them if they would be willing to pay $100 a year for it regardless if you use it.

We would attract more tourism with a biking trail than we would with bringing back a train; eco tourism is a hot market and in keeping with our Island lifestyles. It would be a one time investment and then a comparatively low maintenance cost.

We will never recover the cost of returning to rail service. Asian tourist will continue to make their way up Island with their tour busses stopping 5 minutes here and 10 minutes there, cycle tourists travel slow, eat and sleep in communities and generally add to the slower pace of life we try to maintain.

Marja Blase

Shawnigan Lake