Recycling warnings a preamble to raising rates

I recycle; the odd time I take things to Bings Creek as well.

I recycle; the odd time I take things to Bings Creek as well.

When I go there for garbage dropoff or recycling I have found that the areas are not policed properly (due to costs).

Now it is apparent that the City of Duncan will have to spring for another one or two employees (or move them from other positions) to police what is dumped/thrown into the bins or this follows — dump the bins and sort them (more employees would, be required, with the same monetary result or higher).

One cannot expect the public to do the “proper” thing when it comes to this; they get their children to put things in the bin, there are those that don’t care, some just want to get rid of their trash any way they can by putting banned substances into the containers that are rolled to the roadside.

In a way, it’s actually laughable to consider the possibility that the drivers of the trucks will do a good job of policing, as they have to do so many houses/containers in one day, (a quota) that they will let stuff go by, or miss it, just so they can finish their daily routes in time. Sound a little odd?

Recycling is a money pit, proven long ago, before the programs started on the Island.

So where would you like our money to go, which part/area deserves the dollars?

Yes, I know, not everywhere, so will our billing (for recycling) go up?

Of course.

This is a preamble to a rise in rates unless, of course, the higher-ups stop taking pay raises for a couple of years and drop a program or two, because as you know, garbage never stops (lumping in recycling with garbage or course).

As for myself, if I get one sticker on my recycling because an item is mistakenly put in my roadside container, I will go and buy more items, to start my burning unit.

Which is an old wood burning stove.


Don Richardson

Shawnigan Lake