Response to dilbit information missed point

Response to dilbit information missed point

The response to my comment on the truth about dilbit completely missed the point. I provided objective, reliable, and credible links for the non-technical individual to learn a little about a very technical subject and come to their own conclusions.

He suggested that they provided only “very simplified information” and they could be likely to “misrepresent facts”. That is blatantly ridiculous.

All western extraction, processing and transportation companies have very large health, safety and environment departments employing technicians, engineers, and scientists dedicated to writing procedures and initiating policies to increase safety, and ensure efficiency and environmental responsibility required by a host of provincial, and federal, and international, regulations and legislation.

To insinuate that the independent regulatory and scientific research organizations are as capable as the environmental industry of misrepresentation is even more ludicrous.

Perhaps in his industry studies are manipulated to “come up with appropriate conclusions”, but it’s been my experience that it would be extremely difficult and extremely unlikely to occur in the oil and gas industries.

The radical environmental agenda and its followers are not accountable to truth or technical accuracy on any level. This fact is sadly verified almost daily in the mainstream media and online.

I think he did a very good job of answering his own question.

R. Hailey