Rob Douglas is the best choice for MLA

I urge any undecided voters to vote for Rob Douglas, NDP.


Rob Douglas is the best choice

I have a lot of respect for David Slade and usually agree with what he writes. However, I strongly disagree with his comparison of the NDP to the Liberals. There is not the slightest resemblance! The NDP stands for compassion, for caring about the disadvantaged rather than for the bottom line. This stands in stark contrast to our previous Liberal government.

He says the Greens would breathe life and decency into our democracy. However, I would say that they have had a great chance to do just that these past three years as the “king-makers” in our legislature. If they have not already made the kinds of changes we would like to see, why would we trust them to be any different now?

I look at the two candidates (Green and NDP) who are running neck-and-neck in our valley at present, and I compare them according to their track records. Rob Douglas, in my estimation, is the far better choice to represent us. His actions as a councillor in North Cowichan speak much louder than those of his opponent, whose pretty words do not seem to translate into actually accomplishing any progress toward the fine ideals David and I and so many others hold dear.

I urge any undecided voters to vote for Rob Douglas, NDP.

Ann Mendenhall