“Safe sites” pure stupidity

Since when has the public lost sight of reality?

“Safe sites” pure stupidity

“Safe sites” pure stupidity

Since when has the public lost sight of reality? Facilitating a crime is not the answer to dope addicts.

Dope addicts go and commit crimes to get money for their drugs; they make dealers rich and are breaking the law.

How does spending money to supply a place and clean needles correct what should be happening here? If you help an illegal activity knowingly you are facilitating a crime. An illegal act.

We pay huge amounts of money for policing to keep drug dealers and robbers and dope addicts from breaking the law. They are not being considered anywhere as part of this problem for not doing their jobs. Hell, we pay, according to our government, $1,500 a shot when these guys overdose. Yet a child with type one diabetes gets nothing for their medicine.

Dope addicts are where they are and contribute to crime on a large scale; they need to rob, and steal to buy dope. Where are our highly paid police during all this? We see no decrease in crime. It is the job of police to catch dealers and remove dope from our streets, yet their inactivity in this area allows this to happen and no one, no one reports the inactivity or impotance of the police.

This insane program of spending our hard-earned tax dollars on promoting these people to inflate our healthcare and repeat overdosing over and over and giving them a $1,500 shot every time they overdose is totally not the answer.

Let’s address the problem, not create another. Our government cut mental healthcare and cut hospital funding and our media ignores the real issues and publishes only this insane propaganda of our leaders and politicians. Really, is this what we elected? Is this the best they can come up with? Why is this not an election issue?

Let’s face the real issue, that this is what the police are paid for and crime is increasing to the benefit of what they get in their budgets. By letting this kind of thing destroy our healthcare system to the point we take better and more expensive care of criminals than a 10-year-old forced to pay for her own medications for something not at all her fault like type one diabetes is not the answer.

I am totally sick of this and it is time we all spoke up. Street people are a problem with overdosing, policing is money already allocated and we should be getting more out of it. Stop the dealers and criminals and close these ridiculous centres. If they shut down the dealers they will slow down the overdosing and maybe our healthcare system will stop being used. I have no sympathy for criminals whether they are politicians, cops or dopers or dealers. This system is insane.

Larry Woodruff