Shawnigan water protests not about NIMBY-ism

We will protest any toxic dumps, says reader

Shawnigan water protests not about NIMBY-ism

Soil fight not about NIMBY-ism

In response to Mr. Ian Kimm’s letter entitled “SRA hypocrites for passing on soil problem.”

Wow! Our protest about this particular dump surrounded the danger in its proximity to the watershed of a drinking water source. There were a number of more appropriate sites (on level ground!) proposed for the dumping of contaminated waste materials, which would not have impacted the environment so badly. The point has always been the inability to contain the runoff of the waste material, to prevent its downstream progression to the creeks, the lake, the rivers and the ocean. This was never about NIMBY-ism. We will protest and stand with our fellow communities wherever such an illogical dump is proposed in future. We’ll stand with you, too, Ian Kimm, should this kind of idiocy impact your drinking water.

Elaine Fitch

Shawnigan Lake