Social democracy is bad

I have lived in a social democratic country, and watched the economy and way of life deteriorate.

Social democracy is bad

Social democracy is bad

For those that are looking to social democracy as good alternative to capitalism, I have lived in a social democratic country, and watched the economy and way of life deteriorate. Runaway inflation. Line ups for just a tank of fuel only if fuel became available for a few hours at a gas station. Having to buy fuel from foreign truck drivers on the black market just to exist. Inflation so bad that if you didn’t spend your money the week you got it, it would have lost half its value by next week. Prices rising daily on everything. A quote for anything was only valid for a few days. Having to negotiate your salary with either monthly increases based on a stable foriegn currency or in a foriegn currency.

The government gave some land and property to a native resident friend of mine (they called us twins) to build an orphanage, only to have it and all the developments we and donors had paid for, taken away and given to one of the MP’s friends. Three million citizens, 25 per cent of the population, left the country over several years to find a way to exist and send money to their families that couldn’t leave so they could exist. Government corruption got worse and worse exponentially. Opposition democratic party members were killed, raped, castrated, and disfigured as a deterrent to others from joining them. This from a country that only a few years before was the bread basket for the surrounding countries. And now has to import grain.

The reason socialism doesn’t work and has never worked in any country that has tried it, is because humans need personal ownership to value what they have. Why should I work for something that others will get all the benefit of when they do not work at all for it or something I need in return? I already work harder, smarter, and produce more value in the time I work than most, because I was willing to save my money from planting trees and invest it, as well as make time to learn several trades and a couple engineering technology diplomas. I already contribute to society in taxes way more than most. I volunteer my time to run non-profit organizations, and I provide employment to others as well. How much more social gains does this society want from me, one that built a company from nothing? It is those that only choose to be an employee, or expect the government to look out for their well being that also need to learn to contribute more to their society. Then there will be real social gains. Goverment managed social benefits to society cost in taxes many times more than when they are done by individuals.

Steven Kostamo

North Cowichan