Societies with great wealth inequality inevitably fail

All the tax handouts have been to enrich that minority to obscene levels.

Societies with great wealth inequality inevitably fail

Societies with great wealth inequality inevitably fail

If pointing out logic fallacies and distorted thinking in Mr. Innis’s alternative reality is insulting, I beg to differ as the only insult I see is his insult to people’s intelligence.

I love the pure Ayn Rand doctrine that he parroted that socialism and the common good punishes and steals from the rich and successful. That is her philosophy that everyone who is not the richest and most ruthless in society are parasites. Hey, Mr. Innis, those parasites are the ones who create the wealth of those rich people you are so desperate to protect. You think they give a toss about you or me, Mr. Innis?

Ayn Rand was brilliant in some areas but essentially, she was a flawed person who was warped by her experiences during the Russian Revolution. And from those experiences she had a visceral dislike of anything that looked like stealing from the rich. She based her anti-hero in Atlas Shrugged on a real-life murderer who showed no remorse for the killing and mutilation of a young girl. She said that was the kind of ruthlessness that the rich and powerful needed to have. Great economic and social philosophy if you happen to be a psychopath.

Any society that experiences extreme wealth inequalities has ended up on the scrap heap of failed states. They are unsustainable and breed the root causes for their own collapse. That is just a lesson of history. If Trump and the Republicans are re-elected, then America will inevitably end up on that scrap heap of failed states.

Since the trickle-down economy started by Ronald Reagan began after he read Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, the one per cent have sucked the middle class and poorest Americans dry. They have hoarded the wealth of that country into their own hands.

All the tax handouts have been to enrich that minority to obscene levels. Even Trump, that unstable genius who went bankrupt six times, has complained that the rich who benefited from his trillions in tax breaks never created any new jobs with it.

Harper said the same thing, but his tax breaks to our one per cent class were modest in comparison, but the effect has been the same, which is that the middle class that provided the taxes to support the social safety net has shriveled and employment fallen. And with that withering, comes the reality that there is far less money available to build hospitals, pay for our universal health coverage, to fund schools, and maintain the infrastructure. In the end, the one per cent will destroy the foundations of their wealth with their greed.

Pure socialism, just as pure predatory capitalism, are unworkable in the long run. We have gone too far in believing that the free market and globalization is freedom when the reality is that it has created more poverty for much of the world’s population. It is always amazing to me how people want to vote against their own best interests by spouting Ayn Rand’s parasite philosophy.

Robert T. Rock

Mission City