Stop the insanity of price gouging

I try to get a message to people who are sitting around letting these big corporations bully us

Stop the insanity of price gouging

I try to get a message to people who are sitting around letting these big corporations bully us with their greed and uncaring what these insane prices do to people on fixed income like pensioners, single moms and disabled who are struggling to exist on the below poverty line pensions.

I see the gas prices in Duncan came down a bit in the last few days, except Shell, who seems to be the first one to raise their price of gas and the last one to drop them. I think it’s time to petition the government to regulate gas prices, which are going a lot up and very little and very slowly down (what is the real price of gas?), then go way up again as much as 10 cents overnight, all at the same time. That adds $100 a month to our gas bill. We are already stretched to the limit.

On top of this Walmart put some of it’s prices up about 20 per cent in the last few months as well and yet you ask the employees if they got a raise and their answer is “are you kidding?” So who’s getting all these millions of dollars, because it sure isn’t the pensioners, single moms, disabled or the employees. Like I said in my last article, if we keep letting them gouge us, they will keep doing it and the little corporate puppet on a string, Trudeau won’t do a thing, because he gets a fat pay cheque from all the extra tax from we the forgotten people.

So what do you think? Come on truckers and heavy equipment owners, what’s the price of diesel doing for you? I had logging equipment for 30 years and I know how much fuel you burn to try and make a living. Don’t these insane fuel prices just hit your disappearing bottom line more and more? Maybe it’s time for us all to stop buying from the gas station who first puts up the price of gas and stop buying gas from that station or dealer for a month, right across Canada or till the price of gas comes back down to a fair real price. We are paying 40 per cent more than the U.S. for the same gas with all the adjustments included. Here is a platform to speak up! Stop the insanity.

R. Calderwood


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