Students naive about a world without fossil fuels

One sign I noticed was aimed at government and said “do something…NOW”. To that child I say: what?

Students naive about a world without fossil fuels

Roger Wiles congratulates the striking students for “skipping school” to wave placards and obstructing traffic. He goes on to state that not only are they “extremely well informed” they also “have clarity beyond the ken of their elders”. Really!

One sign I noticed was aimed at government and said “do something…NOW”. To that child I say: what?

Hey, I know, I have an idea! I’ll run for politics and if elected I’ll put a stop to the burning of all fossil fuels in Canada. I would think that would get me elected by all you “well informed” students and at the same time satisfy the “climate change” scientists.

Now, let me see, what would be the consequence of my action? First, it would throw thousands of people out of work who work in the oil industry. Put them on welfare you say?

But hold on, the financial part of welfare system is already loaded down. You know, with people who have no desire to work, doing drugs, leaving their filthy needles on the street because they are too lazy to pick them up, etc.

No more cars or buses to drive you kids to school, so I guess you’ll have to drive your bikes. But wait a minute, we need fossil fuel to manufacture many things, including steel for bikes. Well then, electric cars and electric powered school buses you say? But same problem including making batteries, so, unfortunately, that won’t work either! OK, guess it’s a choice of walking to school, or staying at home and be educated by your parents, as they will be there having lost their job in the oil industry.

In addition, no cell phones, no iPads, no computers, no TV and no fancy clothing — all products of fossil fuel. Hey, I almost forgot, no food! I’m sure you realize that it takes fuel to propel farm equipment to grow the food. You’ll just have to go hungry and do your studying on an empty stomach I guess.

Sooo, few jobs, no welfare, no food. How would I, as your government, handle the resulting riots and angry hungry mobs on the street? Police or military?

The chaos caused by my action would mean I would only last for one term as an elected government leader. However, there is a bright side being that I would be able to fill my pockets with a good pension when I get my butt kicked out of office.

Now, beyond the sarcasm! I am sure you kids who “skipped school” are concerned young people. However, it’s important to remember that being in school, you are only on the first phase of being “educated”. The most important phase is what you learn during your life time. Therefore, I suggest Roger Wiles has put you on a pedestal, at this stage of your young life where you aught not to be — yet!

A little advice from this old buzzard. There are always different sides to a debate. Listen carefully to all sides, don’t be convinced just because someone is a good speaker; do your own research, weigh everything you have learned, mix in some common sense, and then make a decision based on the accumulated information. At that point decide whether or not you should partake in a protest started by a child in Sweden, just because it’s the popular thing to do.

John Walker

Cobble Hill

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