Taxpayers should be happy to know they are helping children

Taxpayers should be happy to know they are helping children

I’m sure Joe Sawchuck’s letter was published to get a reaction from the public. I’m surprised at the lack of research in this accusation.

It’s easy for someone to criticize subsidized daycare if they have never been a widowed mother raising a young child on their own or a family that has lost income due to environmental restrictions ie, fishing or logging. I’m curious what employment and financial situation he speaks from. Does he have family members with young children that he helps by looking after their children when they are in need?

The examples he chose are the minority of users of this service.

How does he know these people receive subsidies for childcare anyway?

With the exorbitant rents and higher fuel prices not being matched with higher minimum wage it is almost impossible for people to go to jobs without some subsidy. The alternative is to stay home and care for your children yourself and receive financial assistance, which in the long term would be more financially beneficial to the government as that is what nature intended when providing us with the ability to procreate.

Historically childcare when parents worked, or hunted and gathered, or farmed, was done by other family members or community members. This does not happen in today’s society.

Taxpayers should be happy to know that they are helping the children in their communities. I’m sure there are people using the subsidies unnecessarily but I assure Joe they are few and far between and with today’s technology the government can keep a close watch on who does and does not deserve this service.

Susan Wright