The NDP is a party about ideas

In that case, may this old codger explain a little history?

The NDP is a party about ideas

The NDP is a party about ideas

Mr. Joe Sawchuk once again writes that the NDP is a dying party, using cherry picked statistics to make a point that is simply wishful thinking from the perspective of a right wing partisan who ignores the history of Canadian politics.

When reading his previous diatribes I have imagined an embittered codger sitting at his computer terminal, convinced his propaganda broadsides are changing public opinion, but perhaps I am too harsh and Mr. Sawchuk is simply too young to remember the various ups and downs the party he loves to hate has experienced over the last half century. In that case, may this old codger explain a little history?

The New Democrats have existed in one form or another for a century now, losing far more elections than it has won. It has provided a voice for the many Canadians who believe that our governments should be working to provide social justice for all citizens, and has been a driving force behind the creation of public health care, worker safety, minimum wages and many more benefits that we now take for granted as part of our national fabric. All this has been accomplished without ever winning a federal election.

You see, Joe, the NDP is about ideas, and ideas don’t die that easily. As long as the mainstream parties resist progressive policies there will be a constituency for a party on the left. Don’t hold your breath waiting for the funeral or you are likely to predecease it. That would be a shame, because I need your letters to the editor. Without your wild roundhouse rights a counterpuncher like me could not use his left jab.

In the interest of full disclosure, I am a 50-year member of the New Democratic Party who will be voting for Ian Morrison on or before May 9. The party lost my vote when it denied Ian his right to stand for nomination. How ironic that a party of progressives assumes its own members are too biased to select the best candidate due to race and gender orientation. Perhaps I can persuade Mr. Sawchuk to join me this time. I can guarantee that every vote Ian gets will annoy the party managers immensely.

David Lowther

Mesachie Lake