The real story behind high gas prices

The real story behind high gas prices

RE: Letter, March, 31 2017 from D. Dawson anyone up for a gas price protest:

I totally agree with Mr. Dawson that it is time for we the people to be informed as to why the gas prices are so high. The way that I see it our Liberal government is in no way interested in stepping in to help us because the higher the price for fuel, the more tax money they can collect.

I think that it is a travesty that we have to pay so much for fuel when the price of oil per barrel is so low. I think that it is time for all of us to to say that enough is enough and we cant take it anymore. I believe that this should truly be an election issue because as Mr. Dawson says we are being completely ripped off.

We have to take a stand for ourselves and let the powers to be that we have had enough. this is just the tip of the iceberg, lets talk about B.C. Hydro, in the day this was just like the highways department, a civil service but as we see now the highest rates we have ever seen, starting with the two-tier system which I would like to know why we needed that, then the outrageous price hikes we have seen in the last few years.

Where exactly does all that money go. B.C. Hydro’s answer to our outrageous latest bills which I myself have never seen, their answer well we had a bad winter lol. I guess we should all believe that because we are all so gullible. Anyway, I will stop my ranting because I want you all to decide for yourselves whether we are going to continue to take this from our government, or is it a time to stand up for ourselves.

Greg McCallum

Lake Cowichan