The totalitarian tiptoe of corporate fascism?

It’s not complacency, it’s distrust of big pharma!

The totalitarian tiptoe of corporate fascism?

Re: “Never thought I’d be covering measles outbreaks”, (Citizen, April 12)

In Andrea Rondeau’s column, she blames the recent measles outbreak on “the complacency of the anti-vaccine crowd.” But it’s not complacency, it’s distrust! She believes “a big part of the problem is a kind of willful amnesia, a drastic forgetting of history.” I agree.

Have we all forgotten about the Nuremburg trials where a Nazi pharmaceutical corporation was convicted of performing medical experiments on concentration camp inmates without their consent? The discovery of these crimes prompted the creation of the Nuremburg Code, which enshrined humanity’s right to “informed consent.” Now, the vaccinated herd wants to take that right away as they fear monger and accuse non-consenters of spreading disease.

Have we also forgotten that the Nazis burned books to suppress knowledge and eliminate opposing ideologies? Now we have the big social media companies joining with mainstream news to ban and censor any information that is not favourable to big pharma’s lucrative vaccine program. And the herd cheers on as our right to free speech and free press is also taken away.

I know our good editor means well, but it is discouraging to watch so many well-intentioned folks falling for the same old manipulative tricks that the ruling elite have used throughout history.

Forced mandatory vaccinations would maximize profits for big pharma, but it would also encounter too much public resistance. So, the “Hegelian dialectic” (problem-reaction-solution) is used to get the people to demand what they would ordinarily never accept. Big media helps to create a “problem” by invoking fear to convince the vaccinated and the immune compromised group that the unvaccinated group is a threat to them. The natural “reaction” of the group who feels victimized is to demand protection of the authorities, who are ever so happy to offer mandatory vaccinations as the “solution.” The non-consenting group is made to feel guilty and therefore comply.

Personally, I find the “totalitarian tiptoe” of corporate fascism that slowly strips us of our rights and freedoms, to be far more disturbing than the recent measles outbreak. When one in every two Canadians can expect to be diagnosed with cancer and one in four will die from it, why is there no attempt to eradicate THAT “preventable” disease?

David Work

Lake Cowichan

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