There are two sides to John Horgan

There are two sides to John Horgan

There seems to be two sides to John Horgan.

One side is repeatedly 24/7 he keeps mentioning how his government with the support of the B.C. Green party, that his government has made it more affordable for B.C. taxpayers to live in B.C., with his changes, a long awaited change from the previous 16 years of a B.C. Liberal government.

Presently his government is in a minority status and has no MLA seats north of the Fraser Valley except for two seats in Northwest B.C. and two seats in the B.C. southern interior. His NDP events schedule are only held in the lower mainland and Vancouver Island.

If he really thinks that the changes he has made for the benefit of B.C. taxpayers, is supported by the taxpayers, then why does he not call a provincial election to go for a majority government instead of relying on the B.C. Green party to hold him in a minority government.

The other side to John Horgan says that the changes he has made, does not guarantee a majority win in another provincial election, and John knows that, but will never admit to it.

Joe Sawchuk