Ticked off by CVRD

Ticked off by CVRD

Regional directors should realize it’s a simple choice

WHY?? I can read and check a Yes or No Box.

At the April 25 CVRD Regional Services meeting the CVRD Directors decided they did not want to put two new important taxation decision items on the upcoming 20 Oct Election Ballot as referendum questions.

Why do the CVRD Directors think that CVRD Taxpayers/residents would not be able to read two referendum questions and tick the Yes or No Box for these two questions? If the Directors decide to continue with the Regional Affordable Housing Service Bylaw (new taxation)– the $750,000 grant to Cowichan Housing Association it will most likely go to an AAP (Alternate Approval Process) that will be held in August when many people are on holidays.

The directors will most likely decide to put the Regional Drinking Water and Watershed Protection Service Bylaw (new taxation) – $750,000 on the Oct. 20 local election ballot as a referendum.

If the CVRD Directors decide to go for an AAP for one Service Bylaw (taxation) and a referendum for the other Service Bylaw (taxation) it is costing taxpayers additional money. As a taxpayer I feel that I have the mental capacity to read two referendum questions and tick the Yes or No box for each question at the same time I vote for the Area Director of my area.

If the CVRD Directors think these are two important taxation decisions that need to be made by taxpayers to increase their CVRD taxation then let us tick a Yes or No Box.

Lynne Smith