Time for integrity in government

Time for integrity in government

So, we have two mainstream political parties in B.C., both of whom claim to believe the science around greenhouse gasses and climate change theory. (We won’t bother with the ones who believe the Chinese Hoax Theory).

However, both parties either support or are silent on gas-fracking and the LNG export industries. Both parties support or are silent around the Site C Peace River Dam project. A project which was determined by the BC Utilities Commission to be unnecessary and not in the public interest; never mind the fact that it is a blatant violation of existing treaties and destruction of vast regions of class 1 agricultural land and vital ecosystems.

Financing for both main parties comes largely from big union and corporate donors who use those contributions to buy favors and wield influence over the politicians and parties they support.

Almost without exception elected members of the two main parties must vote the party line, regardless of how they, or their constituents feel about an issue.

Imagine what our democracy could be like if all decisions were based on real facts and real science, rather than ideologies and corporate agendas. Imagine how policies would change if the politicians were indebted to only their constituents rather than big business and big unions. Imagine what could happen in government if all elected members supported policies that were truly in the public interest, rather than oppose even the good ideas because they are the “other guys’” ideas.

It’s time to for integrity in government. It’s time to build sustainable economies. It’s time for Cowichan to have a proven community champion in Victoria. It’s time to vote for real democracy. It’s time to elect Sonia Furstenau for our Cowichan Valley MLA.

David Slade

Cobble Hill