Time for real conservatives to rebuild their party

Oct. 19 was a great day for real conservatives (progressive conservatives)

Oct. 19 was a great day for real conservatives (progressive conservatives) as the purging of the Alliance, Reform element is well underway, congratulations.

Please beware of rigidity as that is partly what sank the Titanic so quickly, that along with the arrogance and sailing blindly full speed ahead. The fast sinking was added to by the high carbon content in the steel as it makes the steel stronger but brittle and it will shatter instead of bend a little. Likewise a tree that bends and sways in the wind withstands the wind better than a rigid one.

The NDP went overboard. To balance a budget in the first year without knowing the extent of the mess they may inherit is presuming much. A promise of $4.8 million for First Nations education over eight years with over 600 reserves comes to about $1,000 per year per reserve; peanuts.

Perhaps Canadians are getting the idea of democracy and don’t want to be slaves to enrich the top one per cent, or live in fear, or be kept in the dark about our governance, or how our tax dollars are benefiting us, or not. The real test of a governing body is how well they hear the people and respond to the people’s needs and wishes.

A note to the real conservatives if you’re looking for a real conservative agenda, the Green party is the best bet to get away from the corporate autocracy of our last government.


John A. McDonald