Time to end fossil fuel subsidies

Time to end fossil fuel subsidies

Time to end fossil fuel subsidies

While the federal budget 2017 happily included some reductions in fossil fuel subsidies it does not nearly go far enough to help Canada achieve its weak GHG targets and start a long overdue process of decarbonizing our economy.

There is an urgent need to plan a firm and aggressive schedule to put an end to these fossil fuel subsidies. It is no longer true that “jobs” or our “economy” will be in jeopardy if you transition quickly to renewables. It has been demonstrated again and again that more jobs are created in renewables than in “tar sands” where jobs have been declining substantially since 2014.

Luckily in Canada we have several opportunities for renewables be it solar, wind, geothermal or tidal. We can build a clean economy now with long term rewarding jobs that enhance our health, well being and environment. Fossil fuel subsidies undermine our efforts to curb GHG including many initiatives proposed in this budget. It is high time to coordinate the right hand with the left hand.

Let’s get it together hey! What do you say?

It’s time to put an end to fossil fuel subsidies once and for all.

Marcelle Roy

Salt Spring Island