Transition Network clearly Marxist

Transition Network clearly Marxist

Permaculture has become a vehicle for Marxist indoctrination.

Transition Network clearly Marxist

Transition may not have a neon flashing sign on their homepage saying they are Marxist, but anyone who has read Marxist ideology would recognize it. Transition refers to socialism, a transitory phase between capitalism and communism.

“The Transition Town movement (wittingly or unwittingly) draws much of its cultural foundation from Marxism” (Transition Network: Exploring Intersections Between Culture, the Climate Crisis, and a Digital Network in a Community – Driven Global Social Movement Emily Polk University of Massachusetts Amherst,

Sadly, any organization promoting permaculture is likely Marxist, or eco-(enter euphemism for communism here). The Marxists have added it to their platform: “…transform our agricultural methods, drawing from organic agriculture and permaculture techniques.” (

Permaculture has become a vehicle for Marxist indoctrination. Entryism, the idea of infiltrating groups to further your political aims was first proposed by Marxist, Leon Trotsky. We can see it in action here. Euphemistically they are called watermelons, green on the outside, communist red on the inside.

This harkens back to the Khmer Rouge (see killing fields, one-quarter of the population dead) attempt to build an agrarian utopia based on China’s “Great leap forward”(45 million dead). Pol Pot attempted to “purify” Cambodia and turn its people into revolutionary worker-peasants on collective farms. Doctors and anyone with skills or education were killed. (Clearly equity is more important than health. )

S. Innis