Trudeau cannot ‘hide a multitude of sins’

Could our present government have, in any way, done a better job of hiding its fumbling?

Trudeau cannot ‘hide a multitude of sins’

Trudeau cannot ‘hide a multitude of sins’

Justin Trudeau’s recent prorogation of parliament may, to use an old expression, “hide a multitude of sins.” For one thing, it hides the sin of repetitive incompetence. Parliament has already been shut down, so why reinforce that fact through the dictatorial heavy-handedness that is already the existing style for the Liberal Party of Canada? We get it. The current government doesn’t like participatory democracy and would rather steer the ship of state itself, by doing what it thinks is best for us from its own progressive playbook.

Reminiscent of the line, “If I want your opinion I’ll give it to you” the LPC is uninterested in the average Canadian’s input. But there is even more to this than meets the eye. Isn’t it an interesting coincidence that all further investigation of the WE scandal has now been terminated by prorogation? How convenient. Second, the China Committee, created to keep an eye on the nefarious influence of the Chinese government in Canadian life has also come to an end.

The Canadian public does not want to follow the Liberal government’s tack on China relations. That much has already been made abundantly clear. So now here comes prorogation, conveniently preventing us from further investigating any baleful influence that may be coming our way from the aggressive, human rights violating, PRC.

Again, what a coincidence. The cozy relationship Trudeau has already established with China has now been effectively rendered opaque from public view, and our defences against a nation now universally recognized as out of step with the rest of the international community have been halted.

Could our present government have, in any way, done a better job of hiding its fumbling and suspicious intentions than the strategy of sudden prorogation? It’s doubtful. Once again we Canadians may have to resort to the ballot box before we get any closer to the truth. How sad, and how far we are indeed, from the heady days of colourful socks, yoga poses and hugs and kisses that started this administration.

Perry Foster