U.S. government is just business as usual

In a continuum there can be greater and greater extremes, but nothing new.

Re: “Alternative facts a dangerous nonsense” — a new view in the U.S. government, (Citizen, Jan. 25)

As dread-filled as the state of affairs is in our world, there is nothing new in the U.S.A government’s view “that the truth just doesn’t matter. At all.” In a continuum there can be greater and greater extremes, but nothing new.

There was nothing new about the Wizard of Oz when he stepped out from behind the curtain. For those folks who had not seen through the facade of the curtain, perhaps, it was a shock, but, in truth, they were simply seeing him, for the first time, for what he had always been.

There was a time in my life when the CIA’s operations were covert. Later, it was no longer deemed necessary to hide what the agency was doing. This development felt even scarier, but there was nothing new in the system’s view, acts or intentions.

Trump very well may be the more honest of the presidential facade put up by the empire’s power system. Who knows? Perhaps he will be the one to tell the truth and reveal the myriad lies told, for example, about Russia or that Isis really has been USA’s all along. This may shock some folks, and feel scarier than the lies we’ve been told fro 241 years, but there is nothing new. The USA government is simply continuing business as usual. Welcome to the Third World and the American Dream. We’ve been here all along. Trump is merely the dream made manifest.

Thankfully, it will always be every individual’s choice as to who and what we believe, whose dreams we want to be caught up in, or to dream dreams of spiritual independence and kindness. What will we manifest?


Juanita Haddad

Cowichan Valley