Vote for the future you want

Reader urges electors to vote Green

Vote for the future you want

Greens leading in Island polls

From the tone of the all candidates meeting at the Cobble Hill Hall this week, Steve Housser and the Liberals will be lucky to pull off a distant third place in the coming election.

It looks like the race will ultimately be between Lori Iannidinardo for the NDP and Sonia Furstenau for the Greens. Some say that the Greens will be splitting the progressive vote, and that while their hearts are Green, they feel they must vote NDP for fear of a Liberal win.

Fear not. The Greens are leading the polls on Vancouver Island, therefore voting for the NDP will actually pull votes away from the progressive leaders with the best chance of winning the Cowichan riding. And if you are still undecided, don’t forget that the NDP opposed and fought against the Carbon Tax when the Gordon Campbell government first introduced it. The NDP supported huge tax and royalty cuts for LNG interests, they have not opposed gas fracking, have not opposed Site C, accept and in fact solicit large cash contributions from big money donors, whip the votes of their members, and are so scared of losing the support of big unions that they will not commit to the steps needed to meet urgent climate change targets.

On May 9 why not vote for the future you want, the future your children deserve, the candidate and party who will defend the waters, the citizens and the democracy of our Province. It’s time for Sonia Furstenau and the BC Greens to change politics for the better. It’s time at last!

David Slade

Cobble Hill