Vote King Harper back into power

Stephen Harper internationally has proved himself worthy of Canadians.

I read with interest the very long letter from Joanne Lord, Duncan, on (Sept. 30) re: asking people to vote NDP. She certainly did not have her facts straight.

Mr. Mulcair was interviewed recently on TV by Peter Mansbridge (perhaps she can see the video). Mulcair was asked how he was going to raise all the money to keep all his promises?

He was asked, What about daycare that he promised the parents of Canada? Peter Mansbridge cornered him into an answer.

Mr. Mulcair said he would do it in eight years.

Is he serious? Parents have it now for 10 years under the King Stephen Harper, but would have to wait eight years under Mr. Mulcair. In her letter she calls Stephen Harper “king”. However, in the interview Peter Mansbridge said Mulcair’s colleague called Mulcair “ruthless”.

Another writer recently for the NDP applauds Mr. Mulcair for his daycare strategy and that’s all it is, a strategy.

Peter Mansbridge asked him about ISIS. He complained about the King Stephen Harper wanting to be wise and protect all Canadians by taking 10,000 Syrian immigrants. Apparently Germany wanted more as they needed workers so they took a larger number of immigrants and now some are being turned away.

It was suggested by Mulcair that Canada take more than the economy could afford putting Canada into debt and undermining the economy and the surplus that the Conservative Party had worked so hard to achieve.

Peter Mansbridge said one of his colleagues said he was ruthless and he would do anything to become prime minister of Canada.

After this interview, I certainly believe it.

Thursday, Oct. 1 on the news, it showed Mulcair in Quebec saying the first thing he would do is for the environment.


Isn’t this the same man, who wanted nothing to do with Ms. May of the Green Party?

Stephen Harper internationally has proved himself worthy of Canadians. He is honest, hard-working, loves Canadians and loves Canada. In no way has he shamed Canada.

Rex Murphy, graduate of Oxford University, on TV, Thursday, Oct. 1 agreed with Mr. Harper’s stand that the Muslim women taking their Canadian oath did not have a right to wear their face coverings. They should respect Canadian laws and customs.

I have never seen Mr. Harper or the Conservative government do anything shameful in his 10 years of office. Mr. Duffy and others accused of criminal activity have to answer for themselves; they did not represent the government in their own choices. Anyone who was guilty of a misdemeanor was asked to step down.

Mr. Mulcair is not Jack Layton, the NDP party is not Jack Layton, the only party to vote for is Conservative and yes, put the King back in.

Another King is Wayne Gretzky who recently said Prime Minister Harper was an excellent prime minister and he was voting for him. I agree that Mr. Harper should be recognized and applauded for the enormous work he has done for the people of Canada, not criticized by the opposition.

Mr. Harper has been called a control freak but in essence it is true that he, being in leadership, is a good leader and the opposition can tell all the lies they want about him, but his 10-year term has done more good for Canada than any other prime minister.

Our family is voting for the only man that can help Canada’s economy (he is a economist), protect Canada (us) from terrorists, and lower crime. He is a man of integrity and not a man like Mulcair or Trudeau trying to be prime minister, he already is and has proved his right to continue.


V. J. Shave

Lake Cowichan