Vote someone in anyway

A few words in regard to “voters should leave emotions”.

A few words in regard to “voters should leave emotions”. Thinking on this, I would say a little more emotion, plus of course much thought, is a vital ingredient for the purpose of voting your choice into government office. Whatever your choice; do it!

One change that I would like to take place is that of removing the “whip” system, which should have no place within a democratic society. As for the denigrating remarks with regard to certain party’s programs, please do not select the NDP as being incapable to govern — none of us have had this experience federally.

As far as the other two parties, their records have been besmirched many times over by their public disregard for their chosen office: corruption in many forms still haunt their offices. Lest we forget the leaders of these parties who it seems thought that they were looking after Aladdin’s cave with all its spoils for their disposal!

As for who to vote for? They all seem to be tarred with the same brush, What to do? Vote someone in anyway.




George Manners

Cowichan Bay