We can build clean economy

We can build clean economy

It seems that this issue is not being addressed. We have billionaires hiding their money so they don’t have to pay taxes, getting caught, and not being dealt with. I would be in jail.

Our government is allowing subsidies to continue to the fossil fuel industry. The 2017 federal budget included some reductions in fossil fuel subsidies, but to realize the potential of Canada’s renewable energy and clean technology industries, the government needs to outline a full schedule to put an end to these subsidies. Also included were some important steps toward a clean energy economy, such as efforts to reduce reliance on diesel in indigenous and northern communities and investments in green infrastructure.

Subsidizing the fossil fuel industry undermines actions being taken to fight climate change, including the many initiatives supported in this budget.

Canada is fortunate to have many sources of renewable power (wind, solar, geothermal, etc.) and has the tools, technology, ideas, innovation and policies to accomplish the emission targets we’ve set to hold global temperature rise to a maximum of 2 C.

We can build a clean economy that will create long-term jobs throughout the country, reduce extreme weather events, improve human health and reduce boom-and-bust cycles.

Evelyn Hunter