We can dream, and I am dreaming of change

"You can laugh and poll all your numbers. I’ll just cross my fingers and hope that Canadians are as ready for change as I am."

If anyone would have told me that the people of Alberta would have ever voted in an NDP government in my lifetime, I would never have believed it,ever!

But they did. The people of Alberta had had enough of Mr. Prentice, had had enough of Conservative governments and Mr. Prentice was Mr. Harper’s choice for Premier, let’s not forget! The hard line the Conservatives were taking against the people of Alberta was too much.

Mr. Prentice said, “The people of Alberta should look in the mirror” and accept responsibility for the financial mess the Conservative government had gotten the province into, and, Albertans  should prepare for huge cuts to their public services — services that had already had deep cuts or had been privatized. No discussion. No input from the people. Just the usual “We run the show” from these Conservatives. And no financial hit for the corporations! No surprise. The oil industry would still be looked after. Just like the Harper federal Conservatives do: look after the corporate elite.

We can dream. And I am dreaming of change! Back to the “Old Canada.” I remember before the Harper years: inclusive, respected on the world stage, intelligent, fair, a country where the prime minister met with our premiers to listen to the concerns of all Canadians, who cared about the rights of our First Nations people, our scientists, our environment and more!

You can laugh and poll all your numbers. I’ll just cross my fingers and hope that Canadians are as ready for change as I am.


D’Arcy Rattray

Mill Bay