We need to finish what ancestors started

As this most incredible summer winds to an end and we begin to think of our work ahead, Labour Day, with it’s roots in the late 19th century, has been the time that we celebrate the collective actions of workers toward a more just society.

The fundamental changes won by those workers in the division of our daily labour, have had

a profound benefit for every single citizen ever since. They modernized our economies, our communities, and our ability to enjoy the fruits of our labours individually and collectively.

Today, as we celebrate those accomplishments, I have to acknowledge that there is still far more work to be done.

Labour Day is an important time each year for us to reflect on our past and cast our imaginations

to the future. I believe we each have an opportunity to contribute some of what we have gained toward achieving a truly just society. There are so many in our community who already give back through their volunteer time, donations and work. Every effort counts, no matter the size.

The greatest honour and respect we could give to our ancestors, would be to finish the work they started.

Phil Kent is the mayor of the City of Duncan and the vice chair of the Regional District.