We’re still standing in front of cave with stick

A portion of our society is obsessed with trying to rewrite history

We’re still standing in front of cave with stick

We’re still standing in front of cave with stick

Evolution 101.

A portion of our society is obsessed with trying to rewrite history and in doing so they insult the generations that went before us. The evolution to where mankind is today started tens of thousands of years ago when humans first started walking on this earth, and the journey continues.

The earliest humans had to learn how to survive by fighting off predators, human and animals. The strongest amongst them learnt how to defend themselves by standing at the entrance of a small cave with a pointed stick. They were either successful or they died. As they grew in number they developed into tribes that were dominated by the strongest individuals. These tribes were constantly looking for more food and water and to gain these they often attacked other tribes, killing their leaders and making slaves of the remainder. Only the strongest survived; it was brutal but that is the story of evolution and it continues, mostly unchanged, to 2017.

If you doubt this, watch the evening national news. All the conflicts in the world are tribal and are just as brutal now as in the stone age.

For the apologist, how far back do you want to go? Should the descendants of the ancient Brits start seeking restitution from Italy, (the Roman legions), from Scandinavia, (the Vikings), the Saxons, the Normans, the…?

From that brutal period came the philosophers, artists and architects that created unbelievable legacies that we marvel at today. From Britain, France, Holland, Germany, Spain, Portugal and Italy came the navigators and seaman that led to incredible voyages of discovery. These people were the result of evolution, mentally and physically.

The journey continues in Canada and in every other country in the world. The human condition will ensure that evolution will continue, it is the undeniable reality of mankind.

We cannot legislate change, if that were so there would be no murder, theft or violence. Legislation can punish but it cannot change the mindset of the public at large.

We can also learn from the wisdom of people like Maya Angelou who was a part of the journey with Martin Luther King Jr. in the fight for basic rights for black Americans in the 1960s. Maya said, “Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better”.

Meanwhile tribes around the world are still being led by the strongest alpha specimen standing at the front of their cave with a pointed sick.

Roy Summerhayes