Woke culture is intolerant, not at all awakened

Woke culture is a subset of social justice based on American culture

Woke culture is intolerant, not at all awakened

Woke culture is intolerant, not at all awakened

“Woke” culture is anything but awakened. There is almost no area of the developed world, including the Cowichan Valley, that has not been effected by the influence of so called “woke” culture. But what does “woke culture” mean and how is it affecting us?

Woke culture is a subset of social justice based on American culture, not general international culture, and is inspired by specific politically biased left wing groups in the U.S. It did not arise spontaneously from a majority of the population. Backed by the media, heavily subsidized by outside groups and supported by the left and academia, it rose to prominence because it pushed its dogma on the rest of us and intimidated those who disagreed with it.

Woke culture is deeply intolerant and authoritarian. If you do not agree with its quasi religious ideology and the loose, set of D.I.E. (Diversity Inclusion Equality) dogmatic ideas it presents then you can be “cancelled” fired, doxxed or physically threatened or harmed. So how is that an “awakened” or tolerant ideology? We could fill volumes with the accounts of people, around the world, both regular and famous, whose lives have already been destroyed by the cult of “woke” culture.

Because of “woke” ideology we now often live in fear of social ostracism, job and career loss, shunning and isolation, lower grades in school or university and even police arrest if we don’t follow the “correct” way of thinking and speaking.

Just as an historical reminder, what sorts of regimes does this remind you of? The Soviet Union perhaps? East Germany where Stasi, the secret police, monitored everyone’s communications and it is estimated that one third of the nation were informing on each other? We don’t want to go there, although perhaps we already have, no matter how much we dress up the outward appearance of “wokeism” as a benign form of liberalism.

Woke culture presents itself as being against “hate,” but it would do well to look at its own track record of violence, persecution, and destruction of public property. Buildings are burning and people are being hurt in the name of woke sentiment. As a yardstick of what “woke culture” is all about, the picture we are receiving isn’t a good or flattering one and, if recent events are any indication, “woke culture” is, if anything, dark and intolerant and not at all awakened.

Perry Foster