Worth thinking about impacts of 9-11 terrorist attacks

Thinking back to this tragic event, reminded me of a U.S. official who stated that what America needed was a new “Pearl Harbor”

“Maria Manna, the Liberal candidate for the new riding of Cowichan-Malahat-Langford on Vancouver Island, has resigned over a Facebook post questioning the origins of the 9/11 attacks.”

Manna’s reference to 9/11 has been useful to me. Thinking back to this tragic event, reminded me of a U.S. official who stated that what America needed was a new “Pearl Harbor” in order to launch its planned War of Terror to achieve America’s goal of global hegemony.

9/11 was the new Pearl Harbor. Immediately after 9/11, American troops were deployed to Afghanistan, then Iraq, then Lybia and now Syria. Iran will be next.

It appears very convenient that 9/11, with its 2,996 deaths, initiated and justified America’s planned War on Terror. It looks like 9/11 could have been a government “black” operation which many suspect it was.

It reminds me of Pearl Harbor.

The American intelligence had determined that Japan planned a surprise attack but the American military did little to defend itself except to order its aircraft carriers out to sea before the attack.

A large number of American deaths resulted, which were considered required to sway public opinion for the U.S. to enter the Second World War.

I shudder to think that the 2,996 deaths in 9/11 were staged to justify the planned War On Terror. This war is still resulting in deaths in Iraq, Libya and now Syria. Iran has been identified as the next target. Then will it be Russia and China?

It is these Wars of Empire that are destroying countries and creating the hundreds of thousands of refugees now trying to reach the safety of Europe.

All the actions noted above were deliberately planned.

They have resulted in the destruction of homes, bridges and other essential infrastructure. They have destroyed whole cities. It will take a generation to rebuild.

These military actions have created a great deal of pain, suffering, and death of thousands and created many thousands of refugees.

For what purpose? Who are the winners in the deliberate creation of this chaos?

My thanks to Maria Manna for forcing me to think through the impact of 9/11 and its continuing impact on our world today, all in the cause of America’s ambitions for global hegemony.

One closing thought — when will We the People demand accountability from those responsible for all this destruction, death, suffering and creation of failed states?


Gerry Masuda