You’re supposed to pull over for ambulance

I would like to take this opportunity to point out a few mistakes in Mr. Barnes’s letter

Regarding Jeremy Barnes’s letter Sept. 18

I would like to take this opportunity to point out a few mistakes in Mr. Barnes’s letter to the Citizen regarding blocking off Ingram Street on Saturdays.

While he is right about how ridiculous that new intersection is on Canada Avenue and Government, the rest of his letter does not pan out. First of all, I have grown up in Duncan, and have learned to drive in these streets and unless I am missing something, not counting Lois Lane, which isn’t actually a street, there are only two one way streets downtown, Jubilee Street and Craig Street.

Secondly, Ingram Street has been closed on Saturday for the Farmer’s Market for quite a while now, and is well advertised that the market is there and the street is closed.

Thirdly is that when you hear or see an ambulance coming, you are supposed to safely pull over or stop until they have cleared your area, so that way you know where they are going and you don’t get in their way.

Your fourth mistake is that despite “lights flashing everywhere” you can clearly tell which direction they are going to turn, it’s a light called a turn signal light and it’s a completely different colour from any other light on the ambulance. And if I may add, if you can’t tell red from yellow, maybe a pair of glasses might help fix that problem. If I was the driver I probably would have given you the same look.

The fifth and final thing you had wrong Mr. Barnes, because I am not even going to mention what I think about your suggestion that an EMT use hand signals, is your belief that if you had been squished by a four-ton ambulance that it would have been anyone else’s fault but your own. I respectfully submit sir, that if that ambulance had hit you, it would have been 100 per cent your own fault because you couldn’t follow the rules of the road when dealing with emergency vehicles.


Cat Parlee