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Compromised lake argument misleading

I read, with interest, the letter from Doug Prenevost concerned with septic systems around Shawnigan Lake.
Clements Centre thanks Santa

Clements Centre thanks Santa

On behalf of the Clements Centre Society I wish to extend my sincere gratitude for the terrific turnout at the 2015 Run for the Claus.

Complaints over refugee funding not factual

I do hope that the author of this letter realizes that every person’s experience in immigrating to Canada is different.

I thought I was the only one getting it

In Friday’s opinion column there are two of the most profound letters ever written in this and many other papers
John Horgan on trade, carbon tax and his energy plan

John Horgan on trade, carbon tax and his energy plan

A year-end interview with NDP leader John Horgan as he looks ahead to facing Premier Christy Clark in the 2017 election

Buying your gifts locally pays big dividends

Whatever the case may be, put some serious consideration into getting your gifts from shops right here in the Cowichan Valley.

Thank you for your hearts

Thank you Sonia, and thank you to the people of your area, Shawnigan Lake.

Sewage at Shawnigan Lake — fact or fiction?

Perhaps Mr. Prenevost should do a little more homework about the topic of septic/sewage at Shawnigan Lake before he writes his next letter.

Paris climate change agreement will do nothing for problems

The U.N gathered 50,000 people together in Paris, and thus created thousands of tons of emissions

Feeding feral cat ban needs tweaking

I spent hours and hours to trap them, get them to the vet so they won’t have kittens.