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Small planes shouldn’t fly over Cowichan’s communities

Transport Canada allows them to fly in our area, so what happens if another engine quits and there is no highway or field to land on?
BC VIEWS: Housing czar defends drug ghettos

BC VIEWS: Housing czar defends drug ghettos

Housing Minister Rich Coleman brushes off criticism of shelters and 'low barrier' housing for drug-addicted street people

VIU student fee fight symptom of bigger issue

Now, a majority of students graduate with at least some debt, many owing tens of thousands of dollars

Writer makes wildest of environmentalist claims seem reasonable

I prefer to think that the hateful screed was intended as a parody

Family Day free skate was a huge treat

I had the opportunity to participate in the Family Day free skate at the Kerry Park Arena.

Embrace progressive move forward

And the Citizen being too partisan? I absolutely disagree with you. I see them as extremely fair.

Education, compassion needed for healing men

It is so critical that men also have a safe place to reflect, to express, to feel honest emotions

Mills provide us with things we need

Much has recently been said about the Crofton mill and pollution.

Program funding can help stop violence cycle

Jane Sterk quotes the disturbing statistic that the Cowichan Valley has the highest level of domestic violence in the province.

Can we trust you to do the right thing on the TPP deal?

It is hard to believe that your government would agree to participate in the nation-destroying TPP.