Big play preserves tie in Cowichan U10 flag

Jacob Bilina made a huge play to preserve a tie at the end of Blue’s game against Yellow in Cowichan Bulldogs U10 Flag Football last Saturday.

Bilina opened the scoring for Blue by scoring on a handoff from quarterback Zoe Billings. The diverse Billings followed that up with a touchdown of her own, and Easton Jubenville added a third major for Blue.

Matteo Breckenridge set the tone with a big play for Yellow, with Jaxson Ross scoring his team’s first touchdown. Parker Lawrence also scored on a handoff from Alex Amini, and Nat Davies had a great run to score his touchdown. Bryson Day had a big flag for a key defensive play.

The Green and Red teams also played to a close game.

"Both teams made some excellent plays on the turf this sunny Saturday," coach Opie Williams said.

Green was missing Logan Elzinga, put picked up Jackson Kuntz from Red. After two touchdowns by Green’s Elliot Beauregard, Kuntz added a two-point convert. All five Green players got to try their hands at rushing the Red quarterback, and nearly pushed the Red offence back into their own zone when Beauregard sacked their quarterback.

Red opened the scoring on a great run from Cody Williams, but then struggled against the Green Machine defence. Ryder Maertz had a great diving flag to stop Beauregard. Toward the end of the game, Red tried some trick plays with Cody Williams at quarterback: he handed off to Maertz, who in turn handed off to Jaeden Williams, who returned the ball to Cody William, who broke in to score. With one play remaining, Red tried another trick play with Rylan Rowe handing off to Parker Jubenville, but he was stopped just short.