Cowichan Lawn Bowling Club holds first-ever True North Triples

The team of Roy Smith, Maria Ridewood and Tom Slemko won the Cowichan Lawn Bowling Club’s first-ever True North Triples event, sponsored by True North Coaching.

Second place in the event went to the team of Keith Thorpe and Mark and Alice Trueman, with Phyl Ingram as a substitute. Third place was a tie between the teams of Gord Fall and Peter and Joan Wilson and Roy Wilkinson, Annie Dougherty and Don Unger.

Ridewood, Ingram and Dougherty also combined to finish second – the best result for a Cowichan team – in the club’s own annual Women’s Two-Bowl Six-Pack Tournament, which included teams from several other clubs.

Fall and Ingram won the SIFO event, played in Victoria.