Senior soccer surges in Valley

Senior soccer surges in Valley

Success leads to major growth and new teams

A surge of interest in adult soccer in the Cowichan Valley has organizers looking for ways to hold on to some of the players that couldn’t find spots on the teams planned for this season.

The number of players trying out for the two senior women’s teams — Div. 2 and Over 30B — increased more than four-fold from last season.

“Last year we had 19 girls try out for these two teams,” Cowichan Valley Soccer Association vice president of senior soccer Neall Rowlings noted. “This year we have over 82 women trying out. In preparation for next season we are currently seeking a new Division 3 women’s team to capture some of these lost players.”

On the men’s side, there are five solid teams — Div. 1, Div. 3A, U21, Over 35A and Over 35 B — all formed for the season, with more than 45 players not making the cut.

“The men’s soccer program has retained its size and is going to be competitive in all leagues,” Rowlings said.