Veteran runners set the pace for CVACs at Dogwood

Sprinter/hurdler Chicago Bains led the CVAC Jaguars to an outstanding performance at the Victoria Track and Field Club’s Dogwood Meet earlier this month.

Bains, one of Canada’s fastest runners in her age group, won four races at the meet: the 16/17 girls 100m and 200m dash and 100m and 400m hurdles. Her training partner, and another star on the national scene, Taryn Smiley, also claimed a pair of gold medals, in the 18/19 100m and 200m.

Fellow Jaguar Denise Roy wasn’t far behind Bains with a silver in the 16/17 200m and a bronze in the 100m. Also in the 16/17 age group, Olivia Burton was third in the 800m. Belle White won a pair of medals in the 18/19 girls division: gold in the 3000m and silver in the 800m.

The girls weren’t the only ones to bring home hardware in the senior age divisions. In the 18/19 boys category, Kabir Bellerose finished first in the 400m hurdles and third in the 100m, Chase Gundersen was second in both the 100m and 200m, and Keiran Marrett-Hitch was first in the high jump. In the 16/17 boys, Brendan Kerwin was first in the 1500m and third in the 800m, Luke Armstrong was third in the 400m dash and 400m hurdles, and Tristan Seibel placed second in the 3000m.

Sion Griffiths dominated the field events in the 14/15 boys division, placing first in shot put, hammer throw and javelin, and second in high jump. Aidan Pacholuk was third in discus. In the 14/15 girls division, Emma Dewit won gold in shot put, Madelynn Pollock was second in the 100m dash and 80m hurdles, and Danae Gendall placed second in high jump.

Matthew Day claimed gold in the 13-yearold boys 200m hurdles. In the same age group, Torren Kaiser was second in the 100m and 200m dash, and third in shot put, Dredyn Fontana was second in the 1200m and third in the 800m, and Joshua Haley was second in high jump.

In the 12-year-old girls division, Aisha Werner was first in the 100m, 200m and 300m dash, and second in the 800m and 200m hurdles, while Natalie Dawson was first in the 200m hurdles and long jump, second in the 200m dash and 80m hurdles, and third in the 100m. Ben Rossouw won the 200m hurdles and high jump and was third in the 200m and 800m, and Mowat Devalk-Zaiss was second in long jump.

Among 11-year-old girls, Margo Blumel was first in the 800m race walk, second in the 1000m and high jump, and third in discus, Jessica Butler was first in the 60m hurdles, second in the long jump and third in the 60m, and Madison Porter took bronze in the 60m hurdles, high jump, shot put and 800m race walk.

Elijah Barron took first in the 11-year-old boys javelin and second in shot put and discus, Santiago Erdingfitznar was first in shot put and third in 60m hurdles, and Will Hulton was third in both the 60m and discus.

Elisabetta Relova-Clegg won gold in the 10-year-old girls discus, and Lauren Lacroix claimed bronze in the 800m race walk. In the 10-yearold boys division, Josh Ketch was first in the 60m hurdles and long jump, second in the shot put, and third in the 60m dash. Evan Mayer was first in high jump and javelin, second in the 100m, and third in the 60m hurdles. Jack Whitney was first in the 1000m, second in the 600m and third in discus and javelin. Evan Maher was first in the 800m race walk, and Trevin Buckland was second in discus.

Amelia Varga was a force in the nineyear-old girls group, taking first in the 600m, 60m hurdles, high jump and long jump, second in the 100m, and third in the 60m. Cayle Lauzon was third in long jump. Linden Powers had four golds in the nineyear-old boys division, in the 100m, 60m hurdles, high jump and long jump, while Ethan Clarahan was second in the 1000m and third in the 100m.

In the 45-49 men’s division, Shane Lauzon was first in high jump. Dewi Griffiths won the 50-59 men’s hammer and javelin and was third in shot put, and Mike Dailey was second in shot put, discus and javelin. Neil Burton won the 55-59 men’s 100m and 200m.