Youth doubles event held at Duncan Lanes

Youth doubles event held at Duncan Lanes

Wratten and Novak win bantam, George and Kelly win junior

The stop of the provincial youth doubles tournament on March 18 was supposed to be held in Nanaimo, but when it moved to Duncan Lanes, the local bowlers stepped up.

“The tournament was supposed to be held at Splitsville Entertainment in Nanaimo but as they have only seven kids in their program it was hard to gather interest,” Duncan Lanes coach Bob Linde explained.

The teams each bowled a four-game set. The Duncan bowlers’ scores will be put up against other clubs in the province, giving them a chance to win provincial and zone titles.

“Our bantam and juniors may have a chance,” Linde said.


1. Brady Wratten and Paige Novak: +132

2. Jeremy Garside and Dylan Marsden: -9

3. Gavin Murchie and Alex Gammie: -27


1. Thomas George and Amber Kelly: +159

2. Kyle Murchie and Brandon Clark: +33


1. Mikayla Edwards and Samantha Gullens: -7

2. Aden Nettleton and Jacob Flowers: -106

3. Tyler Murchie and Kirstyn McKenzie: -108